Brewed Beer Proudly Crafted In
SE1 London

  • Modern recipes traditionally brewed
  • Only finest ingredients used
  • Perfectly crafted small batch beers
Our Beers
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Southwark Bermondsey Best

Southwark Bermondsey Best Ale
Traditional English Ale
with 100% English Malt
and Kentish Hops

Southwark Hoppy Golden Ale

Southwark Gold Ale
Golden Promise Single Malt with English and American Hops for a full and balanced flavour.

Southwark LPA London Pale Ale

Southwark LPA Ale
London Pale Ale
Light refreshing hoppy beer
with Citrus Tones

Southwark Peter's Stout

Southwark Peters Stout
Czar Peter the Great developed a taste for dark Southwark Ales while studying shipbuilding here in 1698.

About Us

After over 30 years in the brewing industry, Peter Jackson decided it was time to do his own thing and set up his own micro-brewery.

Originally from the North East, Peter had previously lived and worked in London, and had, not to put too fine a point on it, drunk in many London Pubs. Having seen the growth of local breweries outside the capital, the beer range on the average London pub bar was fairly predictable, with any excitement coming from outside the capital. The opportunity seemed to be right for some new and exciting craft cask ales from the capital.

Founded in SE1 near the site of two of the biggest breweries in London – Barclay Perkins and Thrales

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